The complete guide to multi-room entertainment

Option 2 - The mid-range multi-room system

The next step up is to use something more dedicated to the task. Philips, for example, sells a range of Streamium systems, that either operate as standalone units or which can be hooked up to a computer for instant multi-room satisfaction.

Our favourite is the MCi500H (£450), which comes with a 160GB hard drive (enough room for up to 2,000 CDs), a choice of Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections and support for up to five Streamium room players (£150-£199 each, depending on model).

The MCi500H is pretty easy to set up and use and comes with a range of handy features including alphanumeric track search and Album Art, which displays colour artwork for the currently playing track.

If you want your Mac or PC to act as your central music server then a Sonos system is ideal. A basic Sonos 150 bundle (£749) contains all the equipment you need to get started including a ZP120 Zone player, which comes with a built-in amplifier and all the other control and access gubbins; a separate wireless colour touchscreen remote; and a ZP90 Zone Player - a basic Wi-Fi box that enables you to stream your music to a hi-fi in another room.

The great thing about the Sonos is that it's not only easy to use, but it's also incredibly expandable - you can add as many additional Zone Players as you want to the basic system, along with matching accessories such as speakers.

All Sonos systems come with their own Mac/PC software and you can choose to control the whole shebang using a dedicated app on your iPhone.

PHILIPS MCI500: Philips has been selling wireless music systems for a while now, but the MCi500H is its best. You get great sound quality, convenience and a 160GB hard disk in slick, easy to use package and you can team it with up to five Streamium clients for true multi-room

SONOS BUNDLE 150: Sonos' entry-level Bundle 150 is a great way to enjoy music stored your Mac or PC around your home. It comprises a ZP120 zone player with built-in amplifier (just add speakers), plus a wireless colour touchscreen remote and a ZP90 wireless client