Samsung's new fridge lets you watch your food go off in real time

The Samsung Family Hub fridge
The Samsung Family Hub fridge.

It looks like the smart home future has well and truly arrived. Samsung's Family Hub refrigerator, just unveiled at CES, is equipped with a camera feed so you can check up on its contents from just about anywhere in the world.

No longer do you have to sit at the office and wonder how many tomatoes are left in the fridge - fire up the accompanying smartphone app and you can find out straight away.

If your family or housemates are stealing beers, then you'll know about that too.

There's also a 21.5-inch, 1080p monitor on the front of the fridge that can show recipes, websites, calendars and more. You can even have the fridge play your favourite radio station while you do the washing up.

A fridge too far

The Family Hub can also automatically detect what's in your fridge and prompt you when you need to order fresh supplies. Of course you can also check up on what you've got in direct from the supermarket.

This being Samsung, the fridge works nicely with its SmartThings platform, so all of your other various bits of gadgetry are able to communicate with your kitchen and vice versa. Imagine having the lights flash when you're out of milk - innovation indeed.

The Family Hub fridge is really just a showcase of what's possible at this stage and Samsung hasn't said when it will go on sale or for how much.

David Nield
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