GTA coming to Wii?

GTA soon to hit the Wii?
GTA soon to hit the Wii?

After revealing storming third quarter finances in a conference call, Take Two CEO Ben Feder has hinted at a possible Wii iteration to join the in-development DS Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars game.

With GTA IV contributing heavily, Take Two's net income this year comes to £29 million, comparing favourably with a £33 million loss the year before. It's clear that the franchise is a rather lucrative prospect for the company, and a Wii GTA game is definitely something fans have been clamouring for since the console's launch.

"With respect to GTA Chinatown I will tell you that we've spent an enormous amount of time and effort working with Nintendo and developing that partnership," said CEO Feder.

Step it up

"We think we have significant value to add to that partnership and that's not a one-way relationship in any way. GTA Chinatown Wars is not even the first step but certainly an important step in continuing to develop that relationship."

So far, so cryptic, until somebody asked Feder directly about GTA and the Wii, and Feder said without commenting "specifically whether it is coming to the Wii or not, I will say that Nintendo and Take Two work very well together. Nintendo and Rockstar are beginning to work well together and we intend to continue to grow that relationship."

TechRadar contacted Rockstar, to be met with a firm and decisive "no comment", but keep checking back for more news on this.