Weekend news roundup: 28-30 September

Did you enjoy your weekend? If so, you probably relaxed, slept in and read some great tech news. But if you didn't have time to check out the stories over the weekend, keep reading.

PS3 price drop in the works?

If you're one of the people who is waiting on Sony to drop the price of the Playstation 3 before you buy it, you may be interested in knowing that Sony may be planning to sell the console for $399 before the holidays. Let's hope so!

It seems colleges and universities are hot spots for for downloading music that may be construed as copyright-infringement. But according to one copyright lawyer, higher-education should battle the recording industry and allow students to do whatever they want -- within reason.

Apple being sued -- again

It seems one New York resident is quite upset with iPhone developments over the past few months and has decided to do something about it. Dongmei Li, a resident of New York City is suing Apple for "price discrimination" following the $200 price drop announced in early September. Chances of Li winning? Zero.

According to reports, Google may be in the process of buying mobile social network Zingku. So far, both companies have confirmed the acquisition and it should be completed this week.

According to iPhone unlockers, a new solution is on the way to address the iPhone bricking incidents that have plagued American unlockers. Services such as iPhone SIM Free are promising a fix soon, but have said that it may be difficult and could be bricked in the next firmware upgrade.

Some sources are reporting that Sling Media -- the recently purchased tech company that sends your TV to your computer -- may be creating a device that has a built-in cable modem. To further add fuel to the fire, some pictures have leaked to the press, indicating the rumor may be more truthful than once expected.

If you're into lumber and you don't mind having it sitting on your ear, you'll need to check out the Audio Technica ATH-ESWP Sovereign Wood Headphones that are not only capped with wood, but run for around $330.

3Com sold for $2.2 billion

3Com -- a company best known for networking equipment -- has reportedly been sold to Bain Capital Partners and Huawei for $2.2 billion. Most notable from the sale is the evident desire of Huawei to enter the US market and maintain a significant foothold. The deal should be official by the end of the first quarter.