Jobs news scarce for Apple shareholders

Still no word on Jobs' return
Still no word on Jobs' return

Apple shareholders got precious little new information on Steve Jobs' health as they gathered at the firm's Cupertino headquarters for the annual meeting.

Despite his protestations, Jobs' decision to step away from the company for a period through ill-health has left questions from shareholders and, apparently, the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Focus on the positives

Although Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook talked about the company's rising profits in the past four years, questions on Jobs' health were apparently met with predictable silence.

"If there's new information that we deem important to disclose, that will happen," co-lead director Arthur Levinson, CEO of Genentech told Reuters, insisting that all disclosure responsibilities had been met.

This means the top fruit of Apple is still on course to make his return in June, after a self-imposed six month leave of absence.

Although Apple's performance in the past few years is astounding, Jobs' profile and the way in which he both invigorated the company in his second spell at the helm, and has been such a figurehead for launches means that he has, in the fans' eyes at least come to be intrinsically linked with its success.

After coming through pancreatic cancer, Jobs' latest health scare – which he told the world was a hormone problem – has inevitably led to concern.

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