Intel shows off all-in-one computer touchpad

Sony VAIO 20
Take the Tap 20 anywhere

Intel unveiled its vision of the future Tuesday, an adaptive desktop computer with a tablet display that can be carried around the house.

Krik Skaugen, head of Intel's PC Client business, revealed the "all-in-one" computer with a portable 20-inch (or larger) screen that can be attached to multiple bases and keyboards.

Skaugen said the screen will likely have its own on-board intelligence and battery, so it can operate without a base. It'll also run on Windows 8, Microsoft's touch-friendly operating system.

Speaking about the concept at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Skaugen said the "desktap" (as dubbed by Sony) will be available for consumers this fall. One of the first versions of this type of all-in-one computer is the Sony Vaio Tap 20.

Skaugen reportedly showed off the product by unplugging it and carrying it around the room. He then laid the tablet down and used his fingers as a paintbrush on the touchpad.

'Blurring the lines'

All-in-one computers have been popular in the past because they take up less space and have fewer wires and components than traditional desktop computers.

However, up until now these types of computers have been more stationary. With more portable devices like the iPad already blurring the lines of desktop and mobile computing, a powerful desktop that can be carried around the home is just the next logical step, Skaugen said.

The all-in-one adaptive computer could replace a host of devices consumers already own.

"The lines between the categories are disappearing," Skaugen said at the conference.

He predicts these types of adaptive all-in-one computers will be one of the next big markets for computer makers in the near future.

Via VentureBeat