Video: Jailbroken iPad running N64 games

Cydia app seen running on an iPad, following the infamous Blackra1n hack

It was only a matter of time, before we saw pictorial and video evidence of Geohot's infamous Blackra1n jailbreak hack hit the iPad.

You can see from the picture right here, that jailbroken iPads are now circulating with the Cydia app installed.

Again, it is only a matter of time before idiot-proof online guides to jailbreaking your new Apple iPad start doing the rounds, much to the dismay of Apple and its teams of lawyers…

Cydia on iPad

Apple has of course issued no comment on the latest iPad jailbreak news. Nor is it ever likely to.

The video below is also bound to send hardcore Nintendophiles into a trance whereby they are immediately living in that dream geek-heaven they pictured in 1994…

Via Engadget