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This week's issue of tech. is all about the games that push the potential of the iPad to its limits. With GDC just around the corner, all the focus is on what the next-gen of consoles will bring. We have had hints from Sony about the PS4 and its social integration and play-anywhere gaming mentality but these are traits that Apple and the iPad have been using for years now.

In this issue we reveal the games that are offering the most innovative ways to play, as well as the ones that are pushing the boundaries graphically and sonically.

Game face

Also in the issue is a look at the changing face of Google, now that Reader is on its way out and Google Keep is on its way in. We also ponder why Samsung has decided to announce it is working on a watch, when Apple hasn't even announced its yet, and reveal which has been the worst Windows launch to date.

There's also the usual crop of in-depth interactive reviews – our review of the week is the HTC One – are weekly dose of the things to do, download and consume and a pick of the videos of the week.

Associate Editor of tech., James Stables, said about this issue: "It was about time tech. got its game face on and with GDC just around the corner we felt it right to chart the rise of tablet gaming and why the next crop of consoles need to take note."

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Marc Chacksfield

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