Adobe: 'lack of cooperation' for iPad Flash support

Steve Jobs - not the biggest Flash fan
Steve Jobs - not the biggest Flash fan

Adobe has spoken out about the lack of Flash support for the Apple iPad, blaming a "lack of cooperation" for the reason behind technology not being compatible.

In a blog post, titled Open Access to Content and Applications, Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch commented on the rumours surrounding the Flash-less iPad, explaining: "Ironically, Flash was originally designed for pen computing tablets, about 15 years before that market was ready to take off.

"Flash exists now only due to its finding an alternate route in its use – first filling a niche on the web by enabling low-bandwidth vector graphics in the early days and then rapidly adding new capabilities over the past decade."

Need cooperation

Lynch also noted: "We are ready to enable Flash in the browser on [the iPad] if and when Apple chooses to allow that for its users, but to date we have not had the required cooperation from Apple to make this happen."

Adobe must be frustrated the hullabaloo surrounding its technology and Apple's products continual lack of compatibility.

Especially when Steve Jobs hits out at Adobe – according to Wired – calls the company "lazy" and berates its software as "so buggy".

We've a sneaking suspicion that this won't be the last time 'discussions' surrounding Flash and Apple will happen.

Marc Chacksfield

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