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Leaked Intel roadmaps show Skylake and Broadwell details

Up in the Skylake

Two separate leaks have shed more light on Intel's Broadwell and Skylake product range.

Other than the fact they are expected to be launched in the second half of 2015 (just in time for Computex 2015), they will also be introduced at the lower end of the market (mainstream and premium in Intel lingo) rather than at the "Extreme" end.

Both Broadwell - Haswell's tick - and Skylake - a new micro architecture or Intel's tock - will be built using a 14nm process.

Unlocked potential

The former is likely to be unlocked, slot into socket-1150 motherboards with a 9-series chipset while Skylake, at least in its desktop version - is said to be locked with a socket-1151 motherboard based on a 100-series chipset.

A second leak claims that Intel will have four versions of Skylake with some of them sporting eDRAM (up to 128MB), support for DDR4 (but not DDR4L) and TDP ranging from 4W to a massive 95W.

Skylake will initially be available in two and four-core configurations and will not sport an IVR (Internal Voltage Regulator) as it was the case on previous generations.

Via VR-Zone and WCCFTech