Palit offers up 3GB GTX 580 card

Palit's! GTX! 580! 3gb!!! card!!!!!!!

Palit has announced a double-memory size GTX 580 3GB card – pitching the high-end graphics card firmly at gamers.

Boasting a startling 3072MB of GDDR5 memory, the Palit GTX 580 3GB brings 'rich, realistic and explosive HD gaming performance under maximum resolution setting'.

"Palit GTX 580 3GB is built for enthusiast gamers!" adds Palit, somewhat unnecessarily.

To the max

So if you are looking to crank Starcraft II up to maximum resolution (and the rest of your rig can cope – of course), this might be for you.

"Play with Palit GTX 580 3GB under maximum resolution, you will have a surreal experience that makes you hard to go back to anything less!" said the exclamation mark-loaded press release.

"Play StarCraft II with Palit GTX 580 3GB under maximum graphics setting, you can experience the excellent gaming performance!"

You had us at 3GB!!!111