Chrome 77 is locking people out of their routers – but there's a solution

Wireless router
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Chrome 77, which was released yesterday, has left some people unable to log into their Netgear routers' admin pages.

When they enter their login credentials, affected users are redirected to Netgear's password recovery page, or shown a 401 authorization error. Several users have reported the same problem on Netgear's own support forums and Reddit.

As ZDNet reports, although most home users won't need to log into their routers' admin pages very often, and won't have even realized they're affected, it's a serious problem for anyone who uses network-attached storage (NAS) equipment, and have been left unable to upload, download and share data.

How to get around it

Both Netgear and Google are aware of the problem, and working on a fix, but if you need to manage your NAS device in the meantime, Netgear recommends using an alternative browser like Firefox or Edge if they need to log in.

Netgear is also advising users to ensure they install all firmware updates released over the next few days. It's also worth restarting Chrome regularly so any automatic updates are installed.

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