Microsoft Cortana might ride shotgun with you one day


While Microsoft demoed a Windows in the Car concept last year, it only really enabled Windows Phone users to mirror their handset experience on their vehicle's dashboard.

But now it looks like the company has spent a lot more time developing a full in-car system to go up against the likes of Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto, this time with its voice-recognition virtual assistant from Windows 10, Cortana, at the helm.

According to Taipei Times, during the company's TechDays conference in Taiwan Microsoft revealed that it has already developed a connected car prototype using that uses Cortana and the car's windscreen.

Should Siri be scared?

Samuel Shen, the chief operating officer at the company's Asia-Pacific R&D group, explained that Cortana would be able to show the driver locations directly on the windscreen, as it would be integrated with a navigation system.

Cortana will also be able to make reservations, as well as presumably perform other Windows in the Car functions such as playing music, radio or even traffic update controls.

While the in-car system with Cortana that extends to using the car's windscreen is still a prototype, Shen said they had not yet launched a system "due to the high cost".

Microsoft said it is hoping "to have further discussions with Taiwanese partners to jointly explore future possibilities" of the new system.

Via The Verge