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Apple Car reportedly revving its electric engine for a 2019 release date

Apple Car

Apple's oft-rumored electric car might be flying off the test track sooner than we thought.

Hearing from sources in the know, The Wall Street Journal reports the company is committed to shipping an automotive project by 2019. People familiar with the electric car, internally referred to as Project Titan, claim Apple has given permission to triple the size of its existing 600-man team.

What's more, Apple has reportedly spent more than a year researching the feasibility of a self-branded car, and has met with Californian governmental officials on at least two occasions.

Although the iPhone maker has supposedly hired driverless car experts, sources close to the matter claim it's a feature that could come later. Apple's first electric vehicle will more than likely not be fully autonomous.

The evidence pointing to the possibility of an Apple Car has been mounting, from the high-profile hires in the auto industry to investment in a new testing facility for automobiles. This, however, is the first time a possible date for the Apple electric car's completion has been even rumored.