Canon unveils new PowerShots

Canon's PowerShot E1 - it's for girls, not you
Canon's PowerShot E1 - it's for girls, not you

Canon has introduced three new additions to its PowerShot range, including a camera designed "by women for women".

The first two cameras have been more or less introduced to replace older models, with the A1000 IS and A2000 IS around 25 per cent smaller than the previous A580 and A720.

Meanwhile, Canon calls the third model, the PowerShot E1, a camera "designed for women by women", which basically means it's a bit curvier, and comes in pastel shades. Lovely.

Easy Mode

All three snappers incorporate a range of Canon tech, including 17 shooting modes, which include a new "Easy Mode" giving the camera full control over all shooting settings, and limits playback options to image viewing and deletion only.

Other features include face detection, automatic red-eye correction and motion detection. There's also image stabilization and scene information to identify subject motion and camera shake.

The three cameras offer 10MP shooting, with 6x optical zoom on the A2000 IS, and 4x on the A1000 IS and the E1.

All My Colours

The A1000 IS is available in blue, brown or silver, the E1 in white, pink and blue and the A2000 IS in a macho gunmetal and silver.

You can buy them all from September, with the A1000 IS going for £169, and the A2000 and E1 as Jessops and Argos exclusives, with prices yet to be revealed.