Best HTC U12 Plus cases: don't be fooled by a fake

HTC U12 Plus

The HTC U12 Plus is a big, beautiful phone with an all-glass design that’s an absolute joy to look at. But if you’re buying one, you should probably also consider investing in an affordable case. 

No smartphone enthusiast wants a case, truthfully. But don’t worry, the shimmering glass will still be there, in perfect condition, for you to look at every now and then – that’s how you want to keep it.

Below is a small, but growing list of the best HTC U12 Plus cases to consider for your phone. While some of these options are untested, they are each a cut above the rest due to their value and design.

Editor's note: There are a startling number of cases available that are molded based on inaccurate rumors. Keep in mind that, while shopping, if the case image shown isn't representative of the HTC U12 Plus' final design, you might be getting ripped off.

Moonmini Polyurethane case

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Want your HTC U12 Plus to look like a bizarro Google Pixel 2? Moonmini’s polyurethane faux-leather case does just that with its dual-tone design, leaving the bottom looking like the glass section on Google’s latest flagship.

This case snaps around the edges, protecting the gorgeous glass design of the U12 Plus, but leaving plenty of breathing room for its various ports, Edge Sense gestures and the haptic buttons.

If you want basic protection at a low price, this looks to be a solid option that looks pretty snazzy, too.

Spigen Liquid Crystal case

If you are feeling strongly about letting the U12 Plus’ glass design sing, the Liquid Crystal case from Spigen is for you. It clasps around the phone’s edges, but it does so without covering up the design that you paid good money for.

The U12 Plus is already impervious to dust and water, but this case will protect against scratches and preventable cracks from minor drops or collisions with a wall while the phone is in your pocket.

Spigen Rugged Armor case

Looking for function over form? Most people aren’t, but if you want to protect your U12 Plus above all else, the Rugged Armor case from Spigen is worth considering.

Covering the U12 Plus from all angles, this case goes above the others by adding a lip to the front, so that the glass covering the screen never touches a table. 

Spigen says this case boasts shock protection and buttons are easy to access. Edge Sense gestures will work with this case, but you may need to increase the sensitivity for them to work in this case (and all cases, really).

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