Marantz: £1,000 CD technology for £269


Marantz has launched a sub-£300 CD player that uses technology directly lifted from its celebrated £1,000 SA-15S1. The new CD6002 (£269) implements an audio circuit section derived from the SA-15S1 CD player with "only the best" components inside.

High spec, low price

Using the trickle-down approach to building a budget player, Marantz has included the kind of technology that would have cost up to £1,000 just five years ago. The CD6002's circuit board is said to offer perfect symmetry between the right and left channels for improved stereo replay and shorter signal path circuit boards to minimise signal degradation.

Despite the low price, Marantz has included a number of proprietary technologies as well. These include its HDAM amp modules, which are said to "help preserve the music's dynamic structure and tonal quality with their outstanding speed and timbral accuracy".

But, it's more than just a pretty circuit board - the player has an all-metal chassis and thick aluminium faceplate that belies its diminutive price tag. It also offers coaxial and optical digital outputs and will happily play CD-R/RW and MP3-encoded discs. A matching integrated stereo amplifier will join the player later in the year.