Is this the Sky+ of digital radios?

Roberts' MP-Sound 41 DAB/FM radio: making on-air clashes a thing of the past

It's a fact of life that the best radio shows are usually on at the most inconvenient times. So, unless you're willing to stay up till 2am, or can ensure you're at home on a Saturday night, you'll probably only ever end up listening to breakfast dirge and prime-time dross. Well, not any more.

The all-new Roberts MP-Sound 41 is a portable DAB/FM radio with an integrated electronic programme guide that'll help make missed shows a thing of the past, and provide a welcome escape from the dross hogging the nation's airwaves during daylight hours. Simply set the MP-Sound 41 up to record your favourite shows up to seven days in advance and tune back in when you're ready.

What you want, when you want it

The MP-Sound 41 can be programmed to record up to 12 simultaneous radio broadcasts, making on-air clashes a thing of the past too. You'll need to invest in an SD card to store them on mind, and the maximum size the radio can take is 2GB - enough for eight hours of recording. The MP-Sound 41 will also play back any MP3 files that happen to be stored on your SD card.

In addition to its EPG feature, the MP-Sound 41 also sports Roberts' patented PausePlus technology that allows for the pausing or re-winding of live radio. This works away in the background, using a small internal memory housed inside the radio.

The Roberts MP-Sound 41 is available now, priced £140.

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