In pictures: Pure Sensio 200D Connect

Pure Sensio 200D Connect
Listen DAB radio, stream music over the internet

Pure launched two new radios at CES 2012, with the most eye-catching being the Pure Sensio 200D Connect.

This is a radio which has its fingers in all the audio pies. The music player allows you to listen to DAB radio, stream music over the internet and also surf the web if you so feel like it.

It also has the usual ports for connecting up an iPod plus a USB port so you can nab whatever you have recorded and listen to it on your laptop or anywhere with USB connectivity.

Pure sensio 200d connect

On board is a decent 5.7-inch colour touchscreen and this acts as a portal to all your menu options. It is also here where you can hook up to Pure's latest music offering Pure Music.

Looking to take on Spotify and set to launch very soon – originally it was back in December and this was when we did our hands on: Pure Music review – this subscription-based music service will set you back £4.99 a month.

Pure sensio 200d connect

While there were a number of audio options on show at CES 2012, the Pure Sensio 200D Connect was one of the smartest we have seen.

It offers decent audio output for its size, too, with the device piping out 30W RMS of digital sound via DSP tuned class-D amplifiers and twin speakers.

Pure sensio 200d connect

It has Wi-Fi connectivity, allows you to hook up to Twitter and Facebook, and you can also record any music that you listen to from the radio – which is bound to bring back memories for any '80s child which sat listening to the Top 40 with their finger poised on the tape record button.

When it comes to a Pure Sensio 200D Connect UK release date, you don't have to wait long – it will be out in Q1 and is priced at £249.99.

Pure sensio 200d connect

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