Chumby craze heads to the UK

Chumby the best cute looking internet connected 3 5 inch LCD touchscreen motion sensing alarm clock on the market right now

Chumby, the almost sickeningly cute Wi-Fi and widget enabled little touchscreen internet device, has finally become available to Brits this week.

"Consumers in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland can now purchase the innovative and award-winning chumby directly from chumby online at for $199.95," reads an announcement just in. Which in normal money is something in the region of £137.

And, despite ourselves, we still want one more than ever to replace that dull old DAB clock radio that currently resides next to our bed.

But what IS it?

"So what exactly is it?" you may be asking if you are yet to be introduced to the fun new world of Chumby.

The company's press release describes it as follows: "A little bigger than a coffee cup, the Wi-Fi connected chumby device provides people with a fun, hassle-free way to enjoy what they want most out of the Internet at a glance and listen to thousands of streaming Internet radio stations."

Okay, so its an internet radio. Oh, hang on though, there's more.

"With a large and growing base of content, including the latest news, weather, stock quotes, and entertainment, as well as the ability to share photos, widgets and e-cards with family and friends, chumby is one of the most versatile and lifestyle-friendly Internet enabled devices on the market today."

So it's a…

Oh forget it. Whatever it is, it is probably the best cute-looking internet-connected 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen motion-sensing alarm clock on the market right now.