Google developing wireless home entertainment device?

Google developing wireless home entertainment device?
Google appears to be plotting an AirPlay rival

Google is plotting to launch a home entertainment system, which will stream music throughout a number of rooms in the house, according to reports.

In a surprising article, the Wall Street Journal says the multi-room hardware solution would be sold and marketed under the Google brand.

The report suggests that the speakers would be controlled using an Android smartphone or tablet and would make use of the company's Google Music cloud storage solution.

The project is apparently a brainchild of the Android team at Google andm according to those familiar with the plans, could include the streaming of other digital media as well as music.

The journal reports that Google began testing the product six months ago and could launch the hardware sometime during 2012.

AirPlay rival

The launch of a Google-branded wireless streaming solution would put the company in competition with Apple's AirPlay.

Apple's tech currently owns that portion of the market by allowing iOS device owners to send content to AirPlay-enabled docks and speakers or send video to its own Apple TV set-top boxes.

After years of relying on other manufacturers to push software like Android and Chrome, Google will soon have more power in the hardware market thanks to its pending acquisition of Motorola.

The home entertainment system would be the company's first real foray into hardware sales.

It has partnered-up with OEMs before now on gadgets like the Google Nexus One, but that was built by HTC and failed miserably mainly due to the lack of a support structure or a sales partner.

Via: Wall Street Journal

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