Apricorn launches largest ever external SSD - and it's an absolute whopper

Aegis Fortress L3 20 TB SSD
(Image credit: Apricorn)

Secure storage device vendor Apricorn has unleashed a mammoth 20 TB Solid State Drive (SSD), which it bills as the industry’s largest portable drive.

Like all Apricorn products, the Fortress L3 SSD series of drives feature hardware-based 256-Bit AES XTS encryption and ship in rugged enclosures.

The new 20 TB standard-compliant drive is designed to help businesses ferry large amounts of sensitive data securely.

“The 20TB Aegis Fortress L3’s mass storage capabilities enable fast response, restoration, and recovery in the event of a disaster, reducing downtime and minimizing financial and reputational damage," said Jon Fielding, Managing Director EMEA at Apricorn.

"This is critical for businesses looking to build resilience at a time when ransomware attacks, in particular, are becoming an almost daily occurrence."

Solid performer

Apricorn argues that the drive makes more sense in the current climate, which has necessitated the need for encrypted offline backups for public and private enterprises across all sectors. 

The new 20 TB variant conforms to the FIPS 140-2 level 3 parameters, which it claims is the highest level of FIPS validation attainable for portable devices. Furthermore, thanks to a new, ultra-fast encryption chipset, the L3 range boasts the fastest, most robust, highest capacity drives in Apricorn’s portfolio.

The drives are enclosed in a tamper resistant enclosure made with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium alloy and ship with interchangeable type-A and type-C connector cables.

The drives are available in different capacities, from 500GB to the newly launched 20 TB variant. Apricorn told TechRadar Pro the 20 TB variant features 9.5mm Novachips NS379C20T0VC0-U0. 

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