Apple Music's Android app is given a major iOS 10-inspired makeover

Apple has given its Apple Music Android app a major refresh, bringing a touch of iOS 10 to Google’s smartphone platform.

Bringing Android users up to date with the latest Apple Music features, the version 2.0 update is the first major overhaul to be bestowed on the app.

The sizeable update brings the Android app in line with Apple’s own platform and adds a number of additions iOS users have been enjoying since last September.

Better late than never, as well as a cleaner, more refined look, these features include a more streamlined music library and the ability to access song lyrics directly from within the app.

Refreshed look

The refreshed look sees the Apple Music Android app move to a more simplified layout based around four main categories: Library, For You, Browse, and Radio.

While the Library tab now lets you navigate your music more easily and see downloaded tracks available for offline listening, the For You option offers more refined playlist and album recommendations based on your past listening.

Elsewhere the Browse option gives users easy access to a new music and mood-based playlists while the Radio tab has added the ability to easily find specific Beats 1 shows or search stations covering a range of genres.

For those who want to sing along to their favourite tracks, lyrics can be seen within the revamped, iOS-inspired Now Player view. 

The Apple Music v2.0 update is available now as a free patch in the Google Play store.

Apple Music is currently Apple’s only full app available to Android users.