Apple Music is rolling out to even more Echo and Fire TV devices

Apple Music
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Apple Music is coming to a lot more Amazon devices. 

Shortly after Apple brought its music streaming service to the Amazon Echo range in the US – expanding the range of services available through Amazon's popular smart speakers – Apple Music has now landed on Amazon Fire TV streaming devices as well.

Compatibility between competing products and services can be a thorny issue – why support your rivals, after all? While we've had firm word that Google Home won't be getting Apple Music in the near future, Apple is clearly trying to play nice to expand its already-sizeable 50 million user base.

As a US-based company, Apple is naturally leading these rollouts in its home territory, but we now know Apple Music will be coming to Echo devices in the UK too "in the coming weeks". And, given the pattern we've seen so far, we can probably expect that to extend to UK Fire TV devices in the near future too.

An Apple a day

Apple is a company known for its 'closed loop' of hardware and software products, attempting to keep users within its own Apple ecosystem.

But with the huge commercial success of the rival Echo range, it makes sense for Apple to try and get its services in more homes and in front of more users – even if that means dropping some of the incentive to purchasing an Apple HomePod speaker.

Listeners only want to be tied to so many music streaming platforms, each with their own monthly subscriptions, and separate playlists they might have customized for themselves. 

Making it easier to access your streaming platform of choice on any device? That future looks closer than ever.

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