Apple March Event - could we see iPhone SE and iPhone 13 Pro in pink?

iPhone 13 Pro in pink
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In the last few years, at around this time, Apple has added another color to the latest iPhone line like the sixth Power Ranger. But instead of green in 2021, it was purple.

While rumors are rife of a new iPhone SE and a new Mac arriving at Apple's March event, there's always a chance that we may also see a quick mention of the iPhone 13 line, with a new color to tempt existing or new customers to upgrade.

Colors can be a big deciding factor when choosing a phone. Having once been in a previous life where I would set up and sell smartphones, color was a big decision. Some would happily wait another fortnight to upgrade if the Space Black iPhone 7 was due to arrive.

But while the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3 has a good chance of seeing a new color, the iPhone 13 Pro models also have a chance of attracting even more customers, perhaps in a pink pro variant.

Our survey says..

iPhone 13 in light green

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To see what the consensus was, I asked friends, family, and colleagues about what they'd like to see as a new color for the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3. The following three won out:

  • Lime Green
  • Hot Pink
  • Fluorescent Yellow

Seeing Lime Green or a lighter pink for the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3 could make sense, as this would set both models apart in the event, and carry on the design trope that these phones are meant for an audience who want the latest and greatest from Apple, but with colors that pop.

While 2021 brought a new purple color to the iPhone 12, 2018 also saw a Red iPhone 8 arrive, so this could be the year where we see something else for the iPhone lines.

With the iPhone 11 Pro having been showcased in dark green, and the iPhone 12 Pro in blue, I had been wondering what the 13 Pro would bring when I was planning on upgrading to it. But while I was happy regardless of this model coming in with a lighter shade of blue back in September 2021, it still feels as though another new color could further benefit the line for others.

Instead of Lime Green, a Pink variant could fit better for the iPhone 13 Pro.

Pro Pink

iPhone 13 Pro in pink

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While an iPhone SE 3 could showcase a new color, it would be more of a surprise to see a new color for the iPhone 13 Pro at the event on March 8.

For example, Rose Gold was everywhere in 2015, especially from Apple, with the iPhone 6S showcasing this color, alongside the 12-inch MacBook (2016) being the only Mac, so far, to come in this variant too.

A progression of this in a different shade of pink for the iPhone 13 Pro, could make a different impression on the line. Instead of a shade that's reminiscent of the Pink Power Ranger, something that's more muted in color, but fits the 13 Pro design, could work well.

However, we may see a curveball at the event, and simply see an iPhone SE model in the same colors as the 2020 model. But with Purple making an impact on consumers for the iPhone 12 model last year, there's always a chance we may see a new shade of color arrive regardless.

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