Another browser is offering a free VPN - but with a catch

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Ed: Tenta has extended the promotion to July 20th. And in addition, Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Linux users will get two years of Tenta Pro for free if they sign up now, and when support for those systems go live. This link will bring you to the page where people can sign up with just an email address (no credit card, billing info required at all).

Downloading a separate VPN app to protect your devices online can be an added hassle for consumers which is why Opera recently added a free VPN to its browser.

However, Tenta, another company that includes a free VPN service with its Tenta Browser, has announced a new promotion intended to thank its early fans and beta testers for their continued support while also giving new customers a chance to try out its services.

From now until July 4th, users that download and install Tenta Browser on their devices will get two years of the company's premium VPN service, Tenta Pro for free. Usually the service costs $7 per month to use its VPN on one device.

While Tenta is giving its premium VPN service away for free for a limited time, there is a catch. After July 4th, the company will start charging to unlock all locations. Its fastest VPN location will remain free but if you want more locations, you'll have to pay. This seems more than fair for consumers as Tenta is providing them with a way to protect their privacy online for free.

Digital identity

In his blog post announcing the promotion, Co-Founder and CEO of Tenta Jesse Adams explained how the company is setting itself apart from today's top browsers, saying:

“Today all the top ten browsers are based on the advertising model and sell your digital identity to pay their bills. We believe there should exist one true alternative that is aligned with your interest in privacy and protects your identity instead.”

Tenta has also been busy experimenting with a variety of business models which would allow it to provide its VPN for free while protecting user's privacy and data. Out of this brainstorming came the realization that the company could lower its prices and after July 4th, the company will lower the monthly cost of Tenta Pro to just $1.

At this price point, Tenta believes that it can convert even more users to paying for a truly private browser.

If you're interested in getting two free years of Tenta Pro, download and install Tenta Browser before July 4th to take advantage of this offer.

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