AMD’s Adrenalin Radeon Software brings graphics card control to your smartphone

It's that time of year again for AMD’s annual Radeon Software update, and this time it has introduced a new Adrenalin Edition, which links up to your smartphone through the AMD Link mobile app.

With the new AMD Link app users will be able to use their iOS or Android device as a second screen to monitor their GPU performance and PC system info. At the same time users can share their best gaming moments on the fly through streaming and replay with Radeon ReLive. And lastly you can get notifications for the newest driver releases and other AMD updates.

The other big new user interface tweak the Adrenalin Edition is bringing is the added Radeon Overlay menu, which users can access even while gaming in full screen. From here, gamers can fully control their GPU through settings like FreeSync, Radeon Chill, FrameRate Target Control and all the Radeon ReLive streaming options. 

Plus, users can tap into the Radeon Overlay’s built in system info and gaming performance monitor tools to show off how their rig is performing.

Under the hood improvements

Of course, there’s more to Adrenalin Edition than a shiny exterior. There are a ton of under-the-hood improvements such as Radeon Chill supporting games Vulkan-based games, new Radeon WattMan profiles users can share over the web and additional compatibility for AMD’s Enhanced Sync technology.

For streamers, Adrenalin Edition has a new connect tab to easily launch and start streaming on any online channel while acting as a catalog of your best gaming moments. The new chat integration will also enable gamers to engage with their community even while streaming. 

Additionally, if you’re a streamer playing across multiple monitors, AMD’s Eyefinity has been improved to capture and record footage across all your screens. Gamers can also record a separate microphone track through the updated version of Radeon Relive in Adrenalin Edition.

Kevin Lee

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