AMD Zen 2 rumors point to 16-core Ryzen 3rd Generation processors

AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation processors

If you think the CPU war is crazy now with 32-core Ryzen Threadripper 2nd Generation processors at the high end, AMD next generation Zen 2 architecture could double core counts for the mainstream yet again, if the latest rumors hold weight.

The upcoming 7-nanometer (nm) Zen 2 architecture is said to make 16-core processors the norm for the AMD’s next mainstream AM4 CPUs (aka Ryzen chips), according to a Chinese forum user on Chiphell who claims to be in the know. What’s more, TR4 (aka Ryzen Threadripper) processors will purportedly continue to feature a maximum of 32 cores, though SP3-socketed server silicon may see a bump up to 64-cores.

Zen 2 will also supposedly bring a 10-to-15% improvement in instructions per clock (IPC). This should translate into improved day-to-day performance with applications that don’t take advantage of using several cores and threads, such as games.

Of course, this all stems from a rumor posted on a Chinese web forum – so, these details could change as more unofficial information comes to light.

AMD Zen 2

True Zen

"Our Zen 2 design is now complete, and we will be sampling to our customers later this year."

Dr.Lisa Su, AMD CEO & President

What we do know officially is that AMD has been hard at work on Zen 2, and AMD’s CEO and President Dr.Lisa Su announced the completion of the Zen 2 design during its Q4 2017 earnings call.

Until recently, all development involving the 7nm architecture has been focused on server platforms. At Computex 2018, AMD debuted its very first 7nm Zen 2 silicon in the form of an Epyc processor.

At the conference, Su also confirmed its labs are now working Zen 2 into retail products, which lines up quite nicely with these unofficial details. 

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