Amazon UK just launched the free IMDb TV streaming service – here's how to get it

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If paying for Amazon Prime Video is beyond your means, we have good news: ad-supported streaming service IMDb TV has now launched in the UK via the Prime Video app, with a standalone app coming to Fire TV devices in the next few weeks.

The US has enjoyed IMDb TV for a while now, offering users access to a wide range of shows and movies for nothing at all – the service even has a range of original series. 

The UK version arrives today with a whole bunch of great content. TV shows on the service include the excellent sitcom Community, as well as Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Babylon 5, Person of Interest, Dawson's Creek and The A-Team, among others. It's quite a grab bag of stuff.

Movies, meanwhile, include Pulp Fiction, Saturday Night Fever, Meet the Parents, the two Kill Bill films and Chinatown. There's a ton for film lovers to enjoy here – and considering how expensive streaming services are getting, both in their individual prices and the sheer number of them hitting the market, we entirely welcome the option.  

New content is coming each month, too.

Originals are included too, with Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Recovery, Moment of Truth and Top Class: The Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers all available today. 

How to access IMDb TV in the UK

A screengrab of the IMDb TV row on Amazon Prime Video.

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To watch IMDb TV right now, you need the Amazon Prime Video app downloaded on a compatible device. The app is broadly supported across smart TVs, Android, iOS, games consoles and Amazon's own Fire devices, so that shouldn't be tricky to get hold of.

You'll then want to find the row titled 'IMDb TV – Popular Movies and TV – free with ads' on the Prime Video homepage. You don't need a Prime Video subscription to watch this content – and you'll see the content marked with the IMDb TV logo, as well as a little label marked 'ads' where movies and TV shows usually say 'Prime'.

Until a standalone app launches, then, this is how you can access the free content for the time being. 

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