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Buffalo DriveStation TurboUSB review

Quick and cheap,there’s nevertheless more to the baby Buffalo than meets the eye

The stylish heatsink means that there’s no need for a noisy cooling fan

Our Verdict

Good feature set, but limited connectivity


  • Competitive price
  • Good build quality
  • Decent selection of accompanying software


  • Lack of connections
  • Storage could be too small for some

With its budget price tag of £90 for the 500GB model the DriveStation TurboUSB is cheap, but nevertheless boasts some neat features that you might expect to only see on more expensive devices.

These include an auto-power-sensing option so it shuts down when you switch off your PC, and a stylish heatsink design that negates the need for a cooling fan on all models apart from the highest capacity 1TB edition. Typical of Buffalo hard drives, build quality is rugged.

In its most simple operating mode, all you need to do is to plug in the drive and it's ready to go. Impressively for such an inexpensive drive, however, there's also a good range of accompanying software, including Memeo back-up utilities and SecureLockWare, with which you can encrypt some or all of the files on the drive.

Not so well-connected

You can't really expect to get the widest selection of interfaces at this price point and, sure enough, the drive only comes with a single, standard USB2 port. For most people though, this basic connection will suit their needs perfectly.

On the plus side, you do get Buffalo's TurboUSB technology built in, which the company claims can boost the transfer speed of the SATA hard drive, through a USB connection, by up to 37 per cent. However, in our tests the drive only performed at the same speed or marginally quicker than other USB models in the group.

If you can live without eSATA future-proofing and 500GB of storage space is sufficient for your needs, the Buffalo is a good and stylish performer at a rock-bottom price.