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Buffalo MicroStation Hybrid Portable Silicon Disk 32GB review

Can solid-state make it externally? Yes, if you've got the cash to spare

Solid-state storage is plenty fast and robust, but it certainly isn't a budget option

Our Verdict

With a high price and low capacity, you might want to find an alternative for now


  • Very light and small
  • Two year warranty
  • Very robust
  • Power efficient


  • Very expensive
  • Low capacity for an external drive

There's little doubt that solid-state drives have a big future, but is it the future?

Weighing just 60g, Buffalo's so-called Hybrid Portable Silicon Disk is very lightweight, though we'd be a little worried about using it with such a diminutive volume (89x57x14mm).

As ever with such early-bird tech there's always a compromise, and here it's in terms of capacity.

Pricey storage

Oh, and it'll set you back a fair whack, too. This model costs £115, then the 64GB model £230. Finally, the 100GB drive will set you back a whacking £344. Ouch.

However, it is extremely durable – again one of the boons of solid state. And it'll use less power than a standard drive. And because there are no moveable parts, the drive probably won't lose your data if you drop it. Buffalo is clearly confident of its product as it's offering a two-year warranty.

It is fast. In terms of speed, Buffalo has quoted a flat 35MB/s (using its Turbo USB speed-up tech), but we ran Xbench and got an uncached random speed test result of 23.67MB/s read and 13.97 as our best uncached write score.

Durable solution

What you're paying for here is an extremely durable solution, but it can't yet compete with standard hard drives for capacity versus price.

In these crazy credit-crunched days where half the outlay for this SSD drive will get you a 160GB portable. That size of drive now seems normal – small even. Solid-state storage is still very much in the early stages of its life.

Nice and fast, though, and sturdy enough that you can throw it in your bag and not worry about it.