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Fellowes Office Suites Monitor Riser Plus review

Raise up your monitor or laptop to new, more comfortable, heights

Fellowes Office Suites Monitor Riser Plus
Work safely with the Fellowes Monitor Riser Plus

Our Verdict

A handy way to adjust your screen or laptop to the right height, but at a price


  • Designed by ergonomic experts
  • Can help prevent injury
  • Makes working with a monitor much more comfortable
  • Doubles as a laptop stand


  • Not suitable for causal users
  • Takes up a lot of space on the desk
  • Expensive

You might not always be aware that the way you sit at your computer, and the way that you use it, can lead to injuries. Fellowes specialises in ergonomic devices that can make your computer more comfortable – and safer – to use.

While the Fellowes Health V Easy Gliding Palm Support helps support and protect your wrist as you use a mouse, the Office Suites Monitor Riser Plus makes it easy to ensure that your monitor is at the right height. This might sound a bit 'health and safety gone mad', but in reality if you're bending your neck to view your screen then this can become uncomfortable.

While it might not do much more than what placing a monitor on a pile of books could achieve, it is a safe and specifically designed device that ensures the monitor is positioned correctly.

We found it easy to set up and sturdy enough to hold LCD monitors up to around 24 inches in size. It can also be used as a laptop stand. At first it feels slightly odd to use a laptop this way, but it certainly makes using laptops for long periods of time far more comfortable than resting them on a desk.

Matt Hanson

Senior Computing editor

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