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Lenovo HW02 Plus review

More features than the HW01, but is that enough?

Lenovo HW02 Plus

Our Verdict

It's sleek design and lightweight will make you grab it off the shelf. Regrettably, the PAI feature is innovative but the inaccuracy of measurements renders it ineffective.


  • Sleek
  • Good battery life
  • Feature rich
  • PAI


  • Questionable measurement
  • Expensive
  • Very average display

Have you ever used something and been left with more questions than answers? The Lenovo HW02 Plus is one of those things. 

Advertised with Physical Activity Intelligence (PAI), the smart band is supposed to use artificial intelligence to personalise your data into a single statistic that will help you assess how much activity you need. 

You can easily sync it to your phone using the Lenovo Healthy app, that will collect all of your statistics such as activity level, sleep cycle, heart rate and weight to form your personalized PAI score via Bluetooth.

It comes with the SmartScale that can be binded to the app that claims, not only to measure your weight, but your BMI, body fat, muscle, body water, bone weight, and whole host of other things. 


PAI, conceptually, is something extremely useful. We’ve gotten accustomed to measuring our daily activity according to the number of steps that we take, which isn’t enough. 

Just because you’re getting more activity doesn’t mean it’s the right kind of activity. Which is why PAI integrates your heart rate and steps taken to determine the intensity of exercise.

The point is to keep your rolling PAI score above 100 to make sure that you’re keeping healthy. 

PAI measurements and features

PAI measurements and features

Since it’s based on your personal profile and heart rate, it’s tailored to your requirements. The algorithm is supposed to translate your heart rate into a simple score, giving you impact of your exercise on your health. 

But with the bpm and pedometer being inaccurate… What is the point? Can I really be sure that my PAI score is dependable if the basic measurements behind it aren’t?

The SmartScale

The Lenovo SmartScale

The Lenovo SmartScale

The SmartScale is a cute little device that does what it’s supposed to do. If all you’re looking for is a sleek build and accurate weight measurements, it’s perfect. 

It even comes with a disclaimer that the scale can be slippery when wet, so don’t use it when you’re just getting out of the shower. 

It’s super simple to bind with the app using Bluetooth and hardly takes a second to upload your statistics.

You can even add family members to the app, so that each of can exclusively measure your weight without the primary users overall statistics getting affected.

 Features of the Lenovo SmartScale

 Features of the Lenovo SmartScale

Where it falters is with it’s added ‘features.’ 

It has measurements such as body fat, muscle, body type, body water, bone weight, visceral fat, basal metabolism rate (BMR), subcutis fat and lean weight. There aren't any visible sensors around the machine so I'm not sure how it determines these statistics. 

Things the SmartScale measures

Things the SmartScale measures

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