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Fuji XP80 review

Rugged family holiday camera with a range of creative functions

Fuji FinePix XP80

We've carried out lab tests on the Fuji XP80 across its ISO range for resolution. We've also picked out three of its chief rivals so that you can compare their performance directly.

The rivals we've chosen are:

Olympus TG-3: once a standard-setting for tough compact cameras, the TG-3 is still good but other cameras have overhauled it.

Ricoh WG-4 GPS: quirky looks but good image quality at low ISOs for a camera of this type. Actually, it's a rebranded version of the Pentax WG-3.

We test camera resolution using an industry-standard ISO test chart that allows precise visual comparisons. For a full explanation of what our resolution charts mean, and how to read them, check out our camera resolution test process.

Examining images of the chart taken at each sensitivity setting for both JPEG and raw files reveals the following resolution scores in line widths per picture height x100:

Fuji XP80 resolution test chart

Analysis: The resolution figures are lower than you would see from high-end compacts, CSCs and DSLRs, but that's because of the small sensor size in this type of camera. The design restrictions of underwater cameras can also have an effect on the lens performance. The drop-off in resolution even at medium ISO settings is also typical for sensors of this size.

The Ricoh WG-4 is clearly sharper than the Fuji XP80 and Olympus TG-3, which are pretty closely matched.

Given that these cameras are designed for casual and family use, though, it's unlikely that these differences will be a crucial factor in deciding which one to buy.