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Viewsonic PJ458D review

A quirky little projector that needs guidance

The Viewsonic PJ458D has some frustrating niggles but is a fairly solid performer nonetheless

Our Verdict

Quirks aside, this is a powerful machine that will suit office use well as home


  • Intuitive to set up and use


  • Images are harsh and uncomfortable to view

With the ViewSonic PJ458D we found that its projected image very harsh on the eye and uncomfortable to view. ViewSonic tells us that it uses a 0.55-inch DMD in the DLP mechanism of the PJ458D to achieve the 1024 x 768-pixel XGA resolution. This was very intuitive to set up and use, with no need to refer to the manual. In addition, the zoom and focus controls are easy to reach through a window on the top of the lens housing.

You get the usual range of connections which are neatly arranged along the back of the projector with VGA, Composite, S-Video and Component inputs, plus an audio mini jack. There's also a USB port but this is reserved for service work back at the factory. ViewSonic includes a full range of cables, although the audio cable has a pair of RCA connectors at one end where mini jacks would be more useful for notebook users.

There were a couple of quirks that we found a little annoying. To switch from Normal mode to Eco mode you have to navigate the depths of the Advanced part of the set-up menu, and we also found the adjustment feet are a bit odd. There are two drop-down at the rear of the projector, plus a threaded height adjuster at the front and, while it all works well enough, it was a bit fiddly.