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KEF KHT5005.2 review

Suspicious of ‘wireless’ speaker systems? Don’t be: we think KEF has nailed it

Our Verdict

This package offers great clarity and treble detail: there’s no shortage of low-end rumble, but when it comes to driving a large room, the KEFs are pipped at the post by their rivals. Measure out your room, work out speaker placement and then make your choice.


  • Elegant design
  • Good quality sound
  • Wireless


  • Not as good in large spaces as some rivals

KEF has long pioneered innovative audio design, with great commercial success. Now the company hopes to popularise its wireless technology with its KHT5005.2.

Design-wise, the KHT5005.2 loses the company's trademark egg-shape, but gains an elegant column and retains the high gloss black finish. But the most interesting feature of this package is its additional clip-on component that make the rear speakers wireless.

The sub is the same model that comes with the KHT-2002.2 package but, as it's a great design, there are no complaints from me. The circular form factor is both fabulous and practical: with no square sides, there are no internal standing waves.

Wary of Wireless

I've been wary of wireless speakers in the past, but KEF might just have cracked it with its 5000W Wireless Package. It utilises RF transmissionto send an audio signal via a transmitter that plugs in to your amp, to receivers that clip onto the base of each rear speaker.

The additional components clip together with the metal speaker posts like Lego and the transmitter uses 2.4GHz transmission with error-protection to ensure there are no dropouts. Ironically, adding the wireless package involves additional wiring, but the system operates with no obvious degradation of quality.

Behind the non-removable grills are three 3in drive units, including two bass drivers and the latest incarnation of KEF's UniQ driver. This new device consists of an aluminium mid-bass cone with a little aluminium tweeter at the centre, delivering the frequency range from a single point source and eliminating destructive interference.

It seems to do the trick: music and movies both sound rewardingly clear. Action movie soundtracks on high definition discs make the most of KEF's broad frequency response.

Also, in 5.1 mode, the system works well with Mozart on DVD Audio; there is with no RF crackle in the quiet passages.