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Icecrypt T2400 review

The UK's first 1TB Freeview+ HD recorder/PVR

Icecrypt T2400
The Icecrypt T2400 Freeview+ HD box takes on the likes of the Humax HDR-FOX T2

icecrypt t2400

It's the Freeview+ features that make this new generation of free-to-air hi-def recorders so enticing, but it's the sheer size of the HDD and user-friendly interface that makes the T2400 an attractive option. Others will love the chance to playback digital files.

We liked:

An attractive and quick EPG coupled with decent functionality and an easy to use remote control meets a huge hard disk and playback, streaming – and even export – of a bevy of digital files. What's not to like?

We disliked:

The chance to export recordings to a USB stick is excellent, though considering the size of the HDD we'd only want to do that to watch a programme on-the-the-move – so the TRP format of exported files is slightly awkward. There's also no streaming, or a Common Interface slot, which rules out Top-Up TV viewing cards.


It's not without its faults and the T2400 doesn't always produce cutting-edge image quality, but this versatile and fully featured deck has some nice extras nevertheless. Taken together the T2400 makes for a fine Freeview+ HD recorder with recording capacity that just can't be beaten.