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Yubico launches a new series of hardware keys for a password-free future


Yubico has launched a new line of YubiKey security keys, designed to secure your accounts and devices without passwords.

Weak and stolen logins are a serious problem; with the growth of cloud computing and increased reliance on online services, you're only one successful phishing attack or data breach away from disaster. That's why, in addition to recommending a free password manager, an increasing number of hardware manufacturers, software developers (including those of all major web browsers) and online service providers now support login using hardware keys.

One key, many locks

The YubiKey 5 Series is compatible with computers and mobile devices, and offers three ways to keep your accounts secure:

  • Single-factor authentication, which replaces your account passwords.
  • Two-factor authentication, which supplements passwords.
  • Strong multi-factor authentication, which uses a hardware authenticator together with user touch and a PIN.

"Innovation is core to all we do, from the launch of the original YubiKey 10 years ago, to the concept of one authentication device across multiple services, and today as we are accelerating into the passwordless era," said Stina Ehrensvard, CEO and founder of Yubico.

"The YubiKey 5 Series can deliver single-factor, two-factor, or multi-factor secure login, supporting many different uses cases on different platforms for different verticals with a variety of authentication scenarios."