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Xiaomi Yeelight goes on sale in India, starting at Rs 2,499

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Xiaomi backed smart light maker Yeelight has officially their products in India. The company has launched multiple products starting from Rs 2,999 for the smart color LED bulbs, going up to Rs 4,999 for the Yeelight Candela lamp. 

India is among the top emerging markets in the smart light segment. The portfolio has four smart lighting products including a smart lamp, a light strip and two smart bulbs. Priced between INR 2,000 to 10,000, the products are exclusively available on

For those unaware, Yeelight is a China-based brand dedicated to innovative and smart lighting solutions. Incubated by SOSVenture, Yeelight became a part of Xiaomi ecosystem in 2014.

With its debut in India, the Yeelight products will be competing against the likes of Philips Hue, Syska and Wipro. All the devices are IoT-based, meaning they function via WiFi at your home of office. You just need to install the Yeelight app, and you can connect the lights to access controls. 

Users can control the color, luminosity of the bulb, make accents and presets. Apart from the app, these lights can be synced with voice assistants like Alexa from Amazon or Google Assistant. You can simply ask your assistant to change color or brightness of the bulbs by just a single voice command. 

Where to buy?

Apart from, the smart-lights can also be availed from the leading retail outlets and experiential zones of the major metro cities.

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