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London to get world's tallest video projection

Imagine this with a leering buffon projected on it
Imagine this with a leering buffon projected on it

What's worse than Boris Johnson as mayor of London? How about a 200-foot tall Boris Johnson as mayor of London?

LG Electronics is sponsoring the capital's New Year's Eve fireworks display this year, and has threatened, er, promised to see in 2009 with the world's tallest video projection of London's gaffe-prone leader.

Boris will loom over the entire city from the Shell Building on the South Bank, and will be joined in his enormous virtuality by a 'star-studded list' of 'very special' guests. (Oh dear, that probably means Lord Coe and Andy Burnham).

A tall story

"We will significantly enhance the experience on the night and ensure that London's New Year celebrations become a global talking point" says Andrew Warner, Marketing Director of LG Electronics UK.

Presumably along the lines of: "If they do this again next year, we'll go to Paris for New Year's instead."

If you want any further excuse to stay at home with a bottle of dry sherry to watch Graham Norton, the organisers have announced that revellers will be herded into giant pens and forced to listen to a 'specially mixed' Radio 1 soundtrack while the fireworks are happening.