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Did Steve Jobs really get busted with ninja stars?

There are 15 Steve Jobs hidden in this picture
There are 15 Steve Jobs hidden in this picture

In 'you couldn't make this up even if you tried' news of the day, a Japanese magazine is reporting that Steve Jobs was barred from taking ninja stars on to his private plane when he visited Japan recently.

Apple's head honcho had the ninja stars in his luggage, but before the bags were put on his plane at Kansai International Airport, near Osaka, airport security took away his assassin tools.

iPhone ninja

This is all according to Bloomberg, who found the story in Spa! Magazine, which unfortunately doesn't give us any detail why Steve Jobs would actually need ninja stars.

So, let us speculate: is he a ninja? A mutant turtle in disguise? Has he found the ultimate way to exact revenge on the journalists who reported on Antenna-gate?

Knowing how good Apple is at keeping schtum about rumour and speculation we will never actually know the full details.

That and the fact ninjas are the masters of stealth and secrecy.

Via Bloomberg