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Speed up Vista with a PNY flash drive

Windows ReadyBoost will use the 1GB of memory on this Attache Pro to speed up your system

PNY's Attaché Pro flash drive range now includes Microsoft's Windows ReadyBoost feature to speed up Windows Vista. The application is designed to extend the memory capacity of a non-volatile flash memory device to increase the memory buffer on your PC.

Microsoft specifies minimum read/write speeds of around 5MB/s and 3MB/s respectively, making the Attaché Pro range of USB flash drives ideal for running Windows ReadyBoost. In fact, the Attaché Pro range is capable of read/write speeds of 29MB/S and 25MB/s.

"PNY challenges you to switch on your computer, run an application, close this application and then re-launch it with ReadyBoost," says the press release we received. "You will discover that while the first time it took 25 seconds to open, the second launch will take 2 or 3 seconds!"

Considering Windows Vista requires around 1GB of memory to operate happily, this is a no-fuss, beginner-friendly way to add extra RAM to your system.

The 1GB Attaché Pro is available now for £14.99 online via and . It will be sold at PC World from June onwards.