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Got the feels? Google Glass app can recognize emotions

Pitchforks at the ready! Google Glass app recognises expressions and emotions
Feeling grumpy? You don't have to say it. Google Glass knows

A new prototype Google Glass app looks set to reignite the privacy debate thanks to its purported abilities to recognise human facial emotions and facial expressions.

San Diego start-up Emotient has announced its sentient Sentiment Analysis application, which it claims can identify positive, negative and neutral emotions of anyone who happens to step into Glass' field of vision.

It can also identify deeper emotions such as surprise, joy and disgust (that's when the person realises they're being ogled by Google Glass).

The software can also tell if you're elated, confused or frustrated, according to Emotient, which claims none of the data will be stored, only used by the wearer in real time.

Getting Glassed

The app comes amid a flurry of controversy surrounding facial recognition on Google Glass. The company itself has banned them for the time being.

Google wants strong privacy measures in place before the Glass camera can be utilised to pick out individuals, but that's likely to be a while in coming.

Emotient claimed retailers looking to improve customer service may be among those finding its app more useful. Because that's all we need isn't it? A bunch of snooty Abercrombie and Fitch lackeys judging reactions to every overpriced item.

We wonder whether if the Sentiment Analysis app can recognise our, 'You're about to get a slap, mate!' face?

Via PC Mag