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Toshiba's Android-toting tablet teased

Toshiba tablet - iPad rival show off its connections
Toshiba tablet - iPad rival show off its connections

Toshiba has shown off its new Android-based tablet, in the form of a teaser video.

The tablet is the successor to Tosh's Folio 100, which was an poorly received after the device was pulled from sale due to myriad complaints about the thing not actually working properly.

Toshiba will be hoping its yet-unnamed tablet gets a better reception from the general public, with the teaser video showing off the many connection ports the Honeycomb-based tablet has as well as the fact that it can run full websites and Flash.

Tablet talk

There seems to be numerous digs to the iPad - and what the device can't currently do - in the teaser.

In the video clip we see that the Toshiba tablet has both rear and front-facing cameras, HDMI, USB (mini and full), SD card slot and analogue ports.

It also allows you to swap out the battery for a bigger and better one if you so wish.

While all of the above is something the iPad can't do, it's fairly obvious that the Toshiba tablet – with all that connectivity – is going to be one weighty and thick product.

We'll know for sure when we get our hands on the Toshiba tablet, which has a UK release date of spring, this February.