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Samsung Galaxy Glass has sights trained on September launch

Samsung is planning to launch its first pair of smart glasses at IFA 2014, according to insider reports.

The anonymous Samsung "officials" talking to the Korea Times say that the specs are similar to Google Glass in name as well as function, with the "tentative" title being Galaxy Glass.

The glasses are set to play nicely with your smartphone (although we imagine you'll need a Samsung device), showing you message alerts in your eyeline and letting you answer and make calls or listen to music.

New concept

That doesn't quite sound like "a new concept of wearable device that can lead to an exciting culture of communication," as the Samsung insider puts it, but maybe there's an ace somewhere up the company's sleeve.

This isn't the first we've heard of a potential Samsung smart glass - a patent filed in late 2013 spoke of a sportier take on the tech-laden eyewear, while one tipster reckons Samsung is actually working with Google on a Gear Glass set to launch in April or May 2014.

From the details given, the Galaxy Glass doesn't sound like it does anything a million miles away from what the Galaxy Gear already does, albeit from your face rather than your wrist.

The Gear smartwatch has not been as well received as Samsung might've hoped - it only managed a very middling three stars in our Samsung Galaxy Gear review.

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