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Google Glass goes on sale to the public once again, but this time it was a fluke

Update: That was fast. Today's extremely limited Google Glass sale is already over and all of the colors, including the white version, are out of stock.

"[A special] link was created to accommodate potential Explorers who were still in the pipeline from last week's sale," a Google spokesperson told TechRadar.

Google intended to help buyers at the check-out menu complete their purchase only to have the link discovered by everyone else today.

"We're shutting it down shortly. As always, we will continue to experiment with ways to expand the Explorer program in the weeks and months ahead."

Original story below...

The one-day Google Glass sale of last week seems to have silently been extended today with the wearable computer available to everyone.

That's a relief to anyone who missed out on the 24-hour sale Google held on April 15 as well as people who the wanted Cotton white color option that sold out midway through the day.

Added good news: this sale includes prescription glasses frames or a sunglasses shade for free. That's a perk that wasn't available to previous buyers before April 15.

However, it's not good news for price conscious folks who has been waiting for a cheaper Google Glass consumer version. That's not expected until later this year.

Entering into the Google Glass Explorer Edition beta still costs $1,500 (about £893, AU$1,619) plus tax.

Rules still apply

As per usual, today's Google Glass sale is only open to US residents who are at least 18 years old.

Google hasn't tipped its hand as to when the UK and Australia are due for Google Glass, but additional details about the wearable device are expected at Google IO on June 25.

We asked Google whether Glass is in for another 24-hour sales stint or is going to stay available to the public for the long haul.

Via GoogleGlassGeeks

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