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Pokémon Go fills the real world with pocket monsters, and it's coming to your phone

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Company has announced a brand new Pokemon title, but this one won't be coming to your 3DS - it's coming to the real world.

Well, sort of. The "experience" is a smartphone augmented reality game for Android and iOS created between Niantic Labs – the brains behind the GPS-based Ingress - and The Pokémon Company themselves.

You use the app to explore the real world and discover Pokémon as you come and go – it'll track where you are and then you'll get opportunities to catch, fight and even trade your monsters with others.

Real life Pokemon... sort of

There's even a watch-like wearable called the Pokémon Go Plus that sits on your wrist and looks like a friendship bracelet with a Pokéball attached.

The Plus pairs with your phone and starts rumbling when you "encounter" a Pokemon in the real world, meaning you don't have to always be looking at your phone.

The app is coming to both Android and iOS device at some point in 2016, we've got our fingers crossed for the start of the year.

Marketing material only includes the original Pokémon but we're sure to see the likes of classic characters like Meowstic, Clauncher, Skrelp, Sliggoo, Hoopa and Volcanion. Give us back Hitmonchan any day.

James Peckham

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