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O2 rolls out SIM-only deal for iPhone

O2 offers new SIM only deals
O2 offers new SIM only deals

O2 is seeking to keep hold of all those out of contract iPhone users by offering an 'iPhone' SIM only deal.

The new plan will offer consumers a 12 month deal starting at £15 per month for 300 minutes, unlimited UK texts, data & Wi-Fi.

The same plan can be had for £20 per month, but with a 30-day rolling deal, meaning you can upgrade to the latest iPhone in a few months time with ease.

I want it all

O2 is also offering an all you can eat deal for unlimited data, calls and text for £45 a month.

It's not really only for iPhone users, as O2 is offering it out to all smartphone customers, but it's clearly keen to be seen to be offering something to stop its users heading off to another network now their deal has ended.

Non-smartphone users are also being serviced by the new offerings, starting at £10 for 100 minutes per month with unlimited texts on a 30-day contract.