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Next Android platform to be named Jelly Bean?

Next Android platform to be named Jelly Bean?
Android Jelly Bean - is it enough of a dessert?

Despite Ice Cream Sandwich not having been released for Google's mobile platform, it seems we've already got information on the name of the next iteration.

Apparently 'trusted sources' from This Is My Next have revealed that we're going to be waiting on the release of Android Jelly Bean next, which could be dubbed Android 4.5 or Android 5.0, depending on the amount of features packed into the new platform.

TechRadar exclusively revealed the name of Google's Tablet OS - Honeycomb - 10 months before it was launched to the public this year, so it's likely that it will be a long time until we see Android Jelly Bean.

Mysterious pudding

There's no word on what will be included on the new version of Android, other than some features which were supposed to make the cut in Ice Cream Sandwich were pushed back to the next release.

However, that doesn't mean ICS will just be an evolutionary operating system, with a number of 'interesting' features still promised.

And to make things that much more confusing, another source from TIMN states that Jelly Bean is one of a few options for the search giant to choose from over the name of the next Android platform... so we hope Android Junket (look it up) still has a chance of making it in.

From This Is My Next