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iPhone 5 set to be 'completely redesigned'

The iPhone 5 set for new chassis?
The iPhone 5 set for new chassis?

Clues about Apple's forthcoming iPhone 5 have been leaked online, claiming that the new device will have a new powerful CPU and feature another redesign.

Engadget is quoting 'extremely accurate' sources in saying that not only will the new device land in the summer (in line with every iPhone launch for the past few years) but Apple will be looking to keep the iPhone 5 at the sharp end of mobile technology.

To that end, we can expect to see Apple's new A5 CPU, an ARM Cortex A9 chipset, which will be multi-core, enabling much better battery life and even more power from the fruity phone.

Total rethink

And despite redesigning the chassis of the iPhone for the first time in its life with the iPhone 4, Apple is set to have 'a total rethink from a design standpoint' for the new iPhone 5.

The other big rumour is Apple is apparently thinking of moving away from using Infineon chipsets for the GSM radio (the part of the phone that connects to your mobile network) and shifting to Qualcomm – feasibly due to the connectivity problems which plagued the last iPhone launch.

It's not a lot to get excited about at the moment, but if true, it will likely once again leave those that snapped up an iPhone 4 on a two year deal cursing their decision in June.

Via Engadget

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